The Energy Healing Power of Natural Medicine

Energy healing power is a process that uses many remedial and precautionary measures for health care. These include herbal medicines, homeopathy, chiropractic, and naturopathy. This alternative practice is known as naturopathic and holistic medicine. The basic concept of energy therapy lies on the fact that it provides subtle energy from life-force which works for all living beings. The alternative therapy’s aim is to give an overall balance to the health and mind of a person. This process triggers the imbalances and impasses that lead to any form of diseases and illnesses. The alternative form of medicine, in no way, denies the practical process of conventional medicine but offers an opened-up perspective into the world of curing and healing.

In Europe and the USA, people are openly embracing the naturopathic or holistic form of treatment and they also include acupuncturists and herbalists. The physicians are active believers and promoters of preventive health processes and they advise nutritious foods along with nutritional supplements for all clients. The popularity and efficiency of energy therapy are on the rise and many licensed and certified professional practitioners want that this form of medical practice gets its rightful recognition. The medical society is also opening up to widespread its branches when the treatments of patients are a necessity.

In fact, as per studies, natural medicine has proved to be safe and effective than their western counterpart when it comes to treating chronic illness like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc. Natural medicine’s history and roots have been traced back to many thousands of years in ancient cultures of India and her neighbor China. Ayurvedic and herbal Chinese medicine have been used in Europe and the US and here the alternative medicine is well used and respected. Herbal Chinese medicine has found a legal place in the United States’ medicinal records and in practice by licensed acupuncturists since the mid-70s.

Homeopathy and Western herbalism are familiar forms of alternative medicine. They were discovered by recognized German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the 18th century and American doctor Samuel Thomson two hundred years back, respectively. Since man began wandering on the earth, herbs have been a part of the journey and their effectiveness is known by all, this was used as a direction in medical science which is practiced till date. Energy therapy is still finding its way to make a grip in the entire world of medicine where herbal medicine is an effective option for treatment. The practitioners of alternative medicine have the intelligent strata of society involved such as metaphysicians and philosophers along with scientists and doctors who will give this a direction.

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