Difference between the low carb diet and the raw diet

Usually, there are two popular diet plans which you can find and are popular. They are the raw diet and the low carb diet. Whenever you decide on shedding your extra pounds the first thing which you would like to change in your daily routine would be the diet. It is much easier to shed pounds than working hard at the gym and that the reason why most of the celebrities do opt for diets so that they can see the results within days.

Before you choose any particular diet make sure to check the pros and cons of each type. Different types of diets would give you different results as it would depend on your body type and any diet might not work for everyone.

  1. Low carb diet: Cardiologists had believed that the carbohydrates would affect his patient’s health. There are several benefits which you can go for when you choose a diet. It is very easy for anyone to follow. All you may need to do is to go through and understand the diet. The fruits which have been provided in the plan are readily available and delicious to eat. Everyone would like to follow this diet as it would provide you with affordable and you can see the difference within a short period of time. All you need to do here is to restrict carbohydrates like pasta, bread, wheat, desserts, etc.

       Meal plan:

       Breakfast: coffee, cheese, eggs, and bacon.

       Lunch: salad, dark leafy greens chicken.

       Dinner: meat of your choice, dairy, and vegetables.

  • Raw diet: The raw diet is all about eating and living on raw food or juices for a quick detox. According to those who follow a raw diet, heated food can damage or might even destroy your enzymes. But when you go for the raw diet which is full of nutrients, most of them have reported losing weight. As the raw foods are very easy to digest it can easily remove fat and toxins from your body.

                  Meal Plan:

                  Breakfast: juice or fruit smoothie. Can take raw nuts along with the raw nut milk.

                  Lunch: salad with the raw nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

                 Dinner: lasagna, raw pizza, milk, cheese raw or zucchini spaghetti.

                  Most of them who had followed the diet well had truly lost huge weights and had transformed their bodies.

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