Five Things You Should Not Do Before a Lasik Surgery

Lasik surgery or laser eye correction surgery is an eye surgery where the vision is improved with laser technology. In today’s world, numerous people are undergoing this process and are very happy with the results. People with an eye problem, be it reduced or improper vision problems, can undergo laser treatment. The preparation before the surgery is as important as the entire procedure of surgery and it cannot be neglected. There are 5 imperative actions that should be avoided prior to a laser eye correction surgery. Just like any other surgery, Lasik surgery also needs some preparation beforehand.

The conditions that need to be maintained properly before a Lasik surgery will only reap future benefits. They will be further discussed in details below as these are crucial instructions that are related to the surgery.

  1. It is highly recommended that you book regular appointments before the surgery, with your eye practitioner to ensure everything is balanced and surgery will be carried out smoothly. Regular pre-surgery checkups will ascertain the fact that there will be no complications after the surgery.
  2.  In addition to this, it is significant that you understand the entire process of the surgery and the costing to be well aware of the process. The entire surgery is painless and will be done within 30 minutes or less.
  3. Always plan and be prepared for daily life activities while you will be in surgery. You may be alone or have families and have to schedule your plans accordingly so that you are not stressed about anything later. This has to be done so that your sight gets less pressure after the surgery and some rest.
  4. You have to avoid any form of cosmetic products including cologne. This has to be followed because these products have elements and gas that may enter your eyes and increase the chances of probable eye infections later. Avoid these for a few days both before and after the surgery.
  5.  Additionally, avoid any form of hair products as well for the duration of the few days as they contain alcohol. Such products are known for their consequences which changes the result of a Lasik surgery.

This is a surgery to improve your sight, so please do not expect that you will get prefect vision after your surgery. As per studies, people have gained a 50% result from a Lasik surgery and will reduce the dependency on spectacles.

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