Healthy Life Expectancy and Its Measurement

Health, as defined by the World Health Organization, is, “a condition of full physical, mental and emotional well being with no limitations.” A wide variety of definitions have also been applied to health. For some people it means being healthy, totally restored to a state of youth, while others define it in more complex terms […]


Is a Diet For Weight Loss Effective?

A diet for weight loss must contain protein to increase muscle mass and keep your metabolism in check. Proteins are the building blocks of the human body and you need to consume them in sufficient amounts to keep your metabolism running smoothly. To eat the right amount of protein each day, you must include some […]

Epilepsy and the Keto Diet

Diets and Eating Disorders: Can You Beat Obesity?

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Fitness Training Tips to Prepare for a Marathon

If you think that joining a marathon is easy and everyone can do it on their own, you are wrong. Running is one of the most underrated and undermined fitness activities. Some people end up injuring themselves just because they have zero knowledge about the sport and tried doing it anyway. This article will help […]

The Importance of Fitness

The Importance of FITNESS

Some Features of an Advanced Fitness App for Mobiles


Choosing a Good Plastic Surgeon

You have probably been told that you can have cosmetic surgery to improve your appearance, to get rid of some defects or simply to look better. Cosmetic surgery is a popular and often necessary procedure, but sometimes people get the wrong information and make unwise decisions regarding their surgical procedures. Some people will decide to […]

What Is Surgery? How Does it Happen?

Surgery For Weight Loss – Surgeries You May Never Even Consider


Surgeons Discuss Adnexal Prolapse and Laparoscopic Surgery

Many women have considered undergoing cosmetic surgery in pregnancy. It is sometimes recommended for expectant mothers. The reasons vary, but they can range from just being unhappy with their bodies to fearing that the growing baby may suffer damage during the operation. Cosmetic surgery in pregnancy is usually carried out if the operation will not […]

Tips for Preparing for a Natural, Unmedicated Birth

Five Things You Should Not Do Before a Lasik Surgery