Habits to Practice for Protection Against Radiation

Smartphones produce radiation that impact the body on a cellular level. It could lead to the damage of cell membranes and loss of calcium ions. In severe cases, radiation exposure could lead to brain tumors, diabetes, heart disease, and Parkinson’s. Since you’re unable to stop using your phone, you can at least practice some habits to stay protected.

Use EMF protection

It would help if you had an electromagnetic field protection or EMF protection to block radiation from entering the body. Protective devices come in different forms. You can buy a cell phone case absorbing 50% of the radiation emitted by your phone. You can also use it as jewelry to look fashionable while staying protected. You can find an option that feels comfortable to use.

Don’t place your phone in your pocket

You might already make it a habit of placing your phone in the pocket. You have to avoid doing so since it directly transfers radiation in your body. It’s also applicable to other body parts. When you’re running, you might place your phone on top of your sports bra. These actions cause harm to your body.

Don’t sleep with your phone

If possible, you should stop using your phone close to bedtime. It helps you achieve REM sleep. When you still use your phone as you’re about to sleep, the blue light tells you that it’s not yet bedtime. It messes up with your sleeping pattern. The worst part is that after using your phone, you put it on your bedside table. It’s a terrible habit. Make sure that your phone is at least six feet away from you to prevent radiation from entering your body. Even when not in use, your phone continues to emit radiation.

Get grounded

You might know some people who like walking around in bare feet. They bury their feet on the ground for a while. It’s commonly called earthing; in doing so, you allow your feet to soak up the negatively-charged electrons of the Earth. It also helps create balance in your personal electrical circuitry. If you continuously use your phone, you have to get grounded frequently.

Limit your phone use

You have to try your best to limit the use of the phone. Keep it away from you if possible. It might be challenging if you work and communicate with others using your phone. The best option is to set a time limit. Once you reached it, you have to stop using your phone. You can continue whatever task you have to finish the next day. You have to stay in control when it comes to the use of your cellular phone. You don’t want to suffer from severe diseases later because you got addicted to your phone and other electronic devices. You can also try doing other fun activities that don’t involve your phone. You should also set a day when you don’t use any electronic device. Even if you feel tempted, you need to avoid using your phone for a while.

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