Physician Recruiters Are Even More Important Due to the Pandemic

Most people would describe hospitals as war zones these days. Due to the overwhelming patients, hospitals are at capacity across the world. Some patients don’t even receive sufficient care anymore. Coronavirus patients are taking up most of the hospital beds and ICU rooms. Despite that, regular patients are still around, and they also need help. 

Most hospitals are unable to cater to the demand. It’s even getting worse by the day. The worst part is that since several patients require immediate and intensive care, more doctors and nurses are necessary. Unfortunately, there’s a limited supply of health care providers. If you run a medical facility, you understand that the situation is dire, and finding people to fill the post isn’t easy. Hence, if you still hesitate to hire a physician recruiter, now is the right time to have one. 

Pool of candidates

Physician recruiters don’t start from scratch. They already have a pool of candidates to choose from. If you inform them that you need help in hiring physicians, they can interview someone right away. It means that it won’t take much time before you can fill the post. It’s better than posting job vacancies online. You might receive a resume from random applicants, but it will take longer before you find the right person for the job. 

Immediate hiring 

Time is of the essence these days. The lack of medical staff could be a matter of life and death in some instances. Therefore, you need to fill the vacancies right away. With a physician recruiter, you can get someone to do the job within a few days. The candidate chosen to work with your medical facility will be ready by then. The recruiter will also help you in providing orientation and making sure that the selected candidate is ready.

A more extensive search is necessary 

Before the pandemic, you might have to look for the right candidate within your area. It won’t take much time before you can find someone who can fill the post. These days, it might be difficult for you to find enough nurses and doctors. Most of them are already working for a hospital. Others are even working part-time to extend help to patients. You need a physician recruiter to look for more candidates in other areas and fill the post immediately. You didn’t see the need to have a physician recruiter by your side during normal times. You thought that you could look for the right candidate on your own. You even thought that a human resource department could do the job. However, during this extraordinary moment, your current resources aren’t enough. You have to exhaust all possible means to meet the demands. At this point, it’s no longer just about money. You have to keep the facility running so that your patients will survive. In some parts of the world, coronavirus patients have ended up dying because they didn’t receive quick and sufficient treatment. 

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