Tips for Choosing an Athletic Coach

Coaches play important roles in athletes’ lives. They are teachers, motivators and advisors. They may comfort and challenge you, but their job is to prepare you to meet your goals. These individuals have a significant impact on your performance. Therefore, choosing the right coach is vital.

Define Your Goals

Prior to searching for an athletic coach Novato CA, you should identify your goals. For example, are you preparing for a specific event, or do you have more general goals? Are you looking for additional, outside coaching, or a primary coach for your sport?

Your goals should also be quantifiable. For example, you may want to increase your rebound rate by 10% or decrease your mile by 1 minute. Be specific and share these goals with your prospective coaches.


The best people to ask for referrals are those in the industry, but you may also ask current and former clients. Ask people you trust.


After you have referrals, research your prospective coaches. For example, learn about their experience. They should have experience in your sport or activity specifically. In addition, find out their backgrounds, certifications, licenses and educations. Then, research online reviews.


You should create a coach budget and stick to it. Private training is costly, so make sure you find someone who can give you what you need on your budget.


Conduct interviews with prospective coaches. Find out if they can dedicate the time you expect to your training. In addition, ask about their processes. Interviews also provide excellent opportunities to find out more about coaches’ backgrounds, including how they got started in the industry. They should be able to conduct a quick evaluation of your skills and where you need work. You may also ask for client references.

Private coaching is a great way to increase your athletic performance and meet your goals. However, be sure you choose the right coach.

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