3 Reasons Divorce Is So Hard

Every divorce is different from another, but there are some things that most of them have in common, and that is sadness, pain, and loneliness. The process may be a quick one, or the settlement may take months, but living through the process can be challenging. Here are three reasons why divorce can be hard.

1. Saying Sad Goodbyes

When your family splits apart, and you are the one to move, it means saying goodbye to in-laws, friends, and neighbors. You may need to sell the home you love that sits in an area you have always wanted to live in. You may love your spouse’s family, and they may even be your best friends, but when it comes to divorce, everyone is forced to take sides and say goodbye.

2. Worrying About Money

Divorce is expensive. Not only will you need to pay your divorce lawyer Carmel NY, but you will also need to foot all the bills on your own that you once shared. Expenses for children, transportation, and housing will now rest upon your shoulders – and it can be a big burden. You may have a large savings account, but you might only be entitled to half of the money.

3. Losing Kid Time

Divorce means splitting up your children’s limited time between both parents. If you are the one leaving the children with your spouse, losing weeks at a time with your kids can be heartbreaking as you open your new home. If you have custody of your little ones, losing them for weekends, holidays, and vacations can also be nerve-wracking as you are left behind and alone at home.

No matter what your divorce is like, there will be times the world appears a little darker than before. If you talk to others that have lived through the trying time of divorce, they will tell you there is a rainbow on the other side – you just have to find it.

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