A Step-by-Step Guide on Anti-Wrinkle Shots

Picture this: You are in your 40s, and you have decided that you no longer want to look in the mirror with your wrinkled face staring right back at you. You opted to get anti wrinkle injections so you can appear more youthful and vibrant once again. But do you have any idea what goes on inside the clinic when you go in for your anti wrinkle injection? Here is a glimpse of what you can expect once you are ready to undergo the procedure.


The actual procedure will commence on your doctor’s consultation a few days or weeks before getting your injections. You have to have a thorough consultation with your doctor to see if you qualify for the procedure. You also have to divulge any medical conditions you have so that the doctor can assess if the injections are suitable for you.

Then comes the appointment day when you will get the injections.

Numbing the area

You can opt to have a numbing cream applied to specific areas on your face that will receeive the injections if you are anxious about pain from the needle. Otherwise, you can skip this part. You only need a few needle pricks, and you are done.

Plotting the area

Your doctor will mark the areas on your face where the injections will be inserted. He or she will determine the area depending on which lines you want to get rid of. 

It’s time for the needle to go in!

Once the area has been marked, the doctor will now prepare the solution. The right amount of solution will go to every plotted area. You will feel a little pinch when the needle goes in if you opt not to have a numbing cream applied on your face. The amount of botulinum will vary depending on the assessment of your doctor. It will only take a few minutes to cover all areas. You may feel a little bruising and see a mild redness; that will go away in a few hours or so. 

You can head on home

After just a few minutes to an hour in the doctor’s clinic, you can go ahead with your way. You can even drive yourself home, as there is no indication that getting injections will impair your driving skills. You must rest your face for a few hours without touching or rubbing it, as it can cause some side effects like eyelid drooping, which remains for about three weeks. The initial effects of the procedure will be visible a few days after. The injections will last about 4 to 6 months. You may need to go for another consultation before you go for another procedure so the doctor can assess if the same areas need to be reinjected or if there are some spots that no longer need injections. The injections will prompt your facial muscles to relax, and the more sessions you undergo, the more your muscles will be able to loosen over time. 

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