3 Quick Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do for Strangers

Being a kind person towards family or friends is relatively easier than complete strangers. You may not have a strong incentive to improve a person’s day or you might be afraid you are overstepping some boundaries. However, there are specific acts that let you spread kindness in an easy and brief, but meaningful way. 

1. Pay for Another Person

Sometimes you may wait in line to buy groceries or even smaller items like a cup of coffee. You never know if the people behind you are in a bigger hurry than you or if they are struggling to afford their items. If you can, purchase the following person’s items along with yours. This small gesture can help make the individual’s day a bit brighter. It can even inspire people to pay it forward and purchase others’ items. 

2. Give a Complement 

There are people whose talents are often ignored. They might have exceptional customer service skills or a great taste in fashion. Make them feel better about their qualities or chosen items by giving them a small compliment. You do not have to hold a full conversation, but something as simple as, “Nice shoes!” can get the job done. Just remember to complement either a fashion choice or a person’s actual abilities or aptitudes to make your message effective. 

3. Promote and Donate to Causes

Donating to charities and other nonprofit organizations has become easier over the years. You can donate your change when you buy an item or you can download specific apps that let you donate directly. Even individuals in need can set up online fundraisers where others can chip in and help meet a goal. If you cannot donate, at least link these resources to your blog or social media site so others can. 

Acts of kindness can also extend to people you do not personally know. Perform small actions like these to improve their days and encourage positivity.  

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