3 Benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Countless people struggle with gaining control over their thoughts. With so many things vying for attention, it can be difficult to focus on internal processes that could be wreaking havoc on your mental health. Here are 3 benefits of cognitive behavior therapy San Jose CA that could make all the difference. 


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on the state of the mind as it is presently. It trains participants to recognize their thought patterns and helps them form new, healthy ways of thinking. Instead of focusing on analyzing past events, it gives you the tools you need to immediately begin to form new habits. This strategy places the participant in the driver’s seat, offering an opportunity to control thoughts so that they can be challenged if unhelpful.


Through mindfulness practice, CBT helps bring consistent awareness to the emotions and thoughts that often drive unwanted responses. Before acting on a thought, you are encouraged to sit with it and observe it. By noticing reflexive emotions, you can detach the emotion from a thought. In doing so, you can review the thought from an objective perspective. If you can bring awareness to your thinking and challenge its validity, you can then determine if it needs to change.

Permanent Change

The objective of CBT is to alter your habitual thinking so that you don’t remain in destructive thought cycles. If you continue to utilize the methods you learn during CBT, you can put them into practice any time you need them. Throughout the days and years, you will become more effective at challenging negative thoughts and reframing them so that they don’t affect your behavior. The more you practice, the more positive thinking will become your new habit.

There are many effective therapies available for those struggling with intrusive thoughts. CBT has helped countless people improve their mental health by gaining power over their minds. 

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